Catching up

Just because I took a few days off from updating my blog does not mean I fell off the wagon! Having company, specifically being JATH with my sister is not conducive to time on the computer. Ok, where did I leave off….

Day 8
Friday April 6th
This was a fabulous day because my sister and brother in law watched Sweet Pea so Dan and I could run together, as he had the day off from work. This rarely happened even before we had a baby, so it was momentous. We did the same loop I did last weekend, although this time, instead of starting to walk before a half hour was up, I completed the whole loop, albeit much slower than usual. This loop normally takes about 28 minutes. Friday, it took 35 minutes. I started out super slow, so that I would have enough energy to finish. I even picked up the pace at the end. Dan and I didn’t talk much but it was nice just to be together. It was warm, so I took a bottle of Heed on the run, as I wanted to be completely on top of my hydration, considering the nursing factor.  I pumped before the run. I couldn’t tell you how much I pumped because I don’t remember now. Most of the time, I don’t even remember what I was going to say or what I meant to do, as I am clearly suffering from mom brain. Everyone told me about this and I thought it was just an excuse for women to be flaky, but I think its real. I thought the getting up in the middle of the night wasn’t affecting me too greatly but I guess I was wrong.

Since the run, my right foot, which has been bothering me a little ever since I had Sweet Pea, has been bothering me more. I am going to ix-nay the unning-ray till it clears up. I am suspicious it is plantar fascitis, as it has the tell-tale signs (it is in the ball of my foot, feels worst upon waking, feels better with movement), but we’ll see what my physical therapist says when I see her on Thursday.

Day 9
Saturday April  7th
When I got up at the crack of 9am, everyone was still fast asleep, (except Dan- he was reading the paper and he encouraged me to exercise). So I snuck out for a quick bike ride after pumping an amount that I don’t remember. I did the same out and back loop I did last weekend, although this time it took me 45 minutes instead of 50. The weather was crisp and sunny. I underdressed. I often do this. Our house faces south, which makes it feel warmer than it actually is when you step out the front door. Even though I know this, I continue to make this mistake.

Day 10
Sunday April 8th
I didn’t have it in me to wake up any earlier than necessary. Being that it was my sister’s and brother in law’s last day here, we made plans to meet in the kitchen, ready to have breakfast so we could go for a walk at 7am. But by the time everyone was up, breastmilk was pumped, coffee was made, and people got dressed it was closer to 8:30. At which point I ever so delicately changed Sweet Pea out of her cloth diaper into a disposable, which caused her to wake up, which reminded her that she was starving, which required me to nurse her, which resulted in our leaving for the walk around 9:15. The good part was that Dan was just returning from his workout at that point, so he was able to walk with us.  We dropped my sister and brother in law off at the airport, which made me sad, as we had so much fun together, plus my sister is one of my all-time favorite people, and I am always sad when a guest leaves. The house feels so quiet and empty afterward. As a kid, I would always feel mopey after a sleepover when my friend’s parents would come to get them the next morning, so this is not new.

I rode my bike leisurely to the video place and rented “Horrible Bosses,” because my sister said it was funny, and I needed something funny. I also needed to get out of the house and enjoy the gorgeous weather and move a little. The movie was funny but not as funny as I had expected. I would give it a “B.”

Here are some pics from our fabulous weekend:

We went to The Kitchen, one of our favorite places. We enjoyed the tasting menu which included goodies like blood orange and proscuitto with some spicy greens if I remember right, although I probably don’t, a fried ball of cod, and a pot of chocolate for dessert that comes with cream that you pour on it.

TWINSIES!!! Have you seen this You Tube Video!? I have seen at no less than 15 times and it cracks me up every single time.
We took a picnic to the Farmers Market on Saturday (first of the season! woot!). I had to share this pic because, well, it’s my two favorite people being too cute together in their hats.

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