Day 6: bike ride, boots, and a button extender

Today I biked on the trainer in my basement. I pumped four ounces (YAY!) while Sweet Pea slept in her swing. She woke up to nurse and went back to sleep, at which point I took the opportunity to go into the basement to bike on the trainer. My brother in law was in charge of letting me know if she fussed while my sister worked out with me in the basement, as we were JATH. She wasn’t sure what to do for a workout, so I suggested an Amanda Russell online workout video. I think they are great, because they are very time efficient and don’t require much equipment. That was not satisfactory to my sister, however. She wanted me to tell her what to do. So I did. Which was fun, because I am the big sister, and big sisters are supposed to tell little sisters what to do. To her credit, and to my surprise, she actually did what I said.

At Sweet Pea’s first sign of distress, my sister took the opportunity to sprint up the stairs and check on her. She abandoned her workout and gave Sweet Pea a bottle of the milk I’d just pumped, which was great because that allowed me to complete my workout, take a shower and get dressed without interruption. My workout was 40 minutes, which was all easy, in the small ring, with some single leg drills and high cadence drills. I covered about 8 miles. My butt was really sore for the first 10 minutes because my first bike ride in a long time was just this weekend.

On another note, I got an awesome pair of boots today!

This is kind of a big deal because I was dying to get new boots since the fall, but I was reluctant to do it because I was pregnant and afraid my feet would grow. But now I’m not pregnant, my feet didn’t grow after all, and even though the boots weren’t on sale, they are awesome and they look great regardless of my extra baby weight. Speaking of… EVERY NEW MOM NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS:

This cost $3.25 at a maternity boutique and it extends the button on your pants. THIS ALLOWS ME TO WEAR MY PRE-PREGNANCY JEANS, as they would never button without it. Or they would, but I would be rocking some serious muffin top.  With this amazing accessory, I got to wear my new boots with my old jeans:

It’s time for bed now, but Sweet Pea doesn’t know that… She’s sitting in her swing with her eyes wide open, cooing, and being entirely adorable. I hope she gets the idea when I put her in her crib and turn off the light…

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