Day 34: I didn’t get lost and we got to go on a date!

Day 34: Saturday May 5
We had gotten to our friend’s place in Basalt Friday night, enjoyed a nice meal, fun conversation, and had Sweet Pea asleep in her basket (this is the same one in which she sleeps in her crib, at home) by 10pm or so, and all was good.

Being on vacation is awesome. Even if you’re a (temporary) stay at home mom and your baby is with you on said vacation, it’s awesome. One of the things that scared me about having a baby was the fear of never being able to go anywhere and never being able to do anything. Anywhere cool or anything fun, that is.

Consider this my official statement on Myth Number One About Having a Baby: Your life will suck. This is 100% false.

Now, if your life sucked before you had a baby, well I can’t speak for you. Chances are good it will continue in the same fashion.  I’m no statistician, I’m just sayin’. But if you liked to do cool, fun things pre-baby and you want to continue to do them, you will find a way. They might not be all the same cool, fun things you used to do, but that’s ok. Like, since having a baby, we really like to take a blanket and to the Farmer’s Market or a park and have a picnic on the weekend. This is quite fun, although not the same thing we would have done before we had a baby. I am sure a million people told me how awesome your life can still be even with a baby, just like I am telling you, and I didn’t believe them. I thought they probably just gave in and accepted their lame new life and pretended it was great because what choice did they have now that they were stuck with kids, but it’s true, having a family is a new kind of awesome.

Anyway, that said, I do love me some Pam time, and I still manage to get it here and there. On Saturday morning Sweet Pea got up around 6:45, I nursed her, and by 8:15 I was out the door, phone in hand. I’ve gotten lost way too many times, especially on vacation, to leave the phone at home. (Sorry I didn’t know how to link “gotten lost” to three different posts). I never needed my phone, however. I found the Rio Grande bike path and stayed on it without incident. The good part of having my phone was that I took a few pictures. How pretty is this!?

I ran for a total of 59 minutes. My legs felt like lead, running at that altitude (about 7800′), although after I turned around to head home, I did a little fartlek just to keep it interesting.

Later that day, Dan and I even managed to ride our bikes together. One of the girls who was also staying at our friend’s house for the weekend volunteered to take Sweet Pea so we could go together. We used the same trail on which I had run earlier, heading from Basalt to Aspen, through the Roaring Fork Valley, surrounded by wide open ranches on either side. Just before we turned around, Dan sprinted ahead for five minutes, so he could get in bit more of a workout, and then he turned around and came back for me and we finished the ride together. We covered about 17 miles in 70 minutes. We certainly didn’t break any speed records, but we enjoyed our “date.”

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