A few workouts and a dentist appointment

Day 35: Sunday May 6
Sunday morning, I awoke to the sound of Sweet Pea stirring in her basket down the hall, in the laundry room. Before she woke up the rest of the second floor, I ran in and grabbed her and brought her into our bed to nurse. The reason she was sleeping in the laundry room is not because we are crappy parents. Actually, the laundry room in the place where we were staying was quite nice, and as far as square footage, was pretty close to Sweet Pea’s room at home. She was sleeping there because on Friday night, she slept in her basket in the corner of our room, where I could hear all of her little peeps and sighs. I kept feeling like she was bound to wake up any second, and this really interfered with  my beauty rest. Dan, on the other hand, slept right through it all, no problem.

After I drowsed for a little longer Sunday morning, I got out the door for a one hour recovery ride. I used the Rio Grande bike path again, but this time, instead of heading toward Aspen, I went east, toward Carbondale. At least, I think it was east. It was definitely toward Carbondale.

Day 36: Monday May 7
I slept through 6am Masters because Sweet Pea had a fussy night Sunday night, and ended up not working out at all. 

Day 37: Tuesday May 8
I got up and pumped and met my friend at 7am for a TRACK WORKOUT. This was my first time on the track in about a year and I was VERY EXCITED. I LOVE the track. Hence the excessive use of all caps. The track makes me feel light and fast. I am running a 5k on Sunday (today), so nothing I would do on the track would improve my fitness this close to the race, so I did a few short intervals just to move my legs and remind them what it feels like to go fast. My legs felt pretty tired during my warm-up but then we did a few accelerations on the straights and I started to feel better. Before we got to the track, I was thinking of doing three to five 400’s, but then my friend and I discussed it and during the warm up I decided to do 400’s and 200’s with 400-600 meters of easy jogging in between. I finished my first 400 in 1:54. Then I did two 200’s. My times were 52 seconds for #1 and 53 seconds for #2. My final interval was another 400, which I did in 1:45. I was quite pleased with these times, considering I wasn’t trying to go all out, and considering I haven’t done much running at all this year. 

Day 38: Wednesday May 9
Wednesday ended up being a day off. Sweet Pea had a late(ish) night and I must have forgotten to set my alarm, so no workout happened.  My big event of the day was my dentist appointment, where the hygienist asked me, “Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of me being successful at scraping the tartar off your teeth.” This made me want to kill her. Then she leaned in close, as if she were about to tell me a secret, and asked, “Is there any chance you could be pregnant?” Considering this made me want to kill myself. She continued, “The only reason I ask is that you have what looks like pregnancy-induced gum disease.” I told her I just was, and that I had an eleven week old baby at home. Which she would have known if she was the old receptionist, who I really liked, who apparently doesn’t work there anymore. Then she chided me for brushing my teeth the wrong way, with the wrong brush, and gave me a lesson on how to brush and floss. I wanted to punch her in the throat. By the time my extremely good looking dentist  came in I decided I was done having my teeth cared for at this practice. But then the extremely good looking dentist told me how good my teeth looked and sent me on my way with a complimentary bike bottle and I decided I would sleep on it for a few nights before having my dental records transferred.

Day 39: Thursday May 10
At 6am my alarm went off and I got up to hit snooze. Dan encouraged me to just get up but I insisted I was entitled to one snooze. Although it was gorgeous out, I only had an hour to get in an efficient workout, so I opted for the trainer. I got to watch more episodes of Weeds (I am only on Season Six do don’t tell me anything!!!) and after a nice warm up I did this workout: 1 minute hard/1 easy, 2 minutes hard/2 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard/3 minutes easy. I repeated that three times. I meant to stretch after but when I came upstairs I stared at Sweet Pea, who was sleeping, marveling at how cute she looked, and then she woke up and her agenda did not involve me stretching.

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