Day 38: An easy run and BRUNCH

Oh, and the best part? Just as the hostess led us in from the sidewalk to our long awaited four top plus a high chair, a flash mob erupted into a tap dancing extravaganza! Here’s a link to a video clip of the shenanigans.

Today I planned to run 6-7 miles with the possibility of running a couple of those miles at goal race pace, depending how I felt. I felt a tiny bit hungover and like Sweet Pea had woken up at least twice the night before (everything is a blur if she wakes up more than once). I had my good friend and sub three hour marathoner training buddy telling me that doing race pace miles at this point would do me no good from a training perspective. Meanwhile I had a good race at my last marathon in 2011, having run a few miles of my last long run prior to the race at race pace. We ended up running 6.65 easy miles on a trail, with not even a hint of race pace effort anywhere in there, and that was fine with me and my tired legs.

I walked in from the cold and knew that every.second.mattered. as the plan was to be ready to go as soon as Sweet Pea awoke from her nap and then bolt in an attempt to make it to brunch and back home within two hours, in time for her next nap. Of course this didn’t happen, and although I must have known in my heart of hearts it just wasn’t possible, I wanted it so badly for it to work that I believed it would. (Wait a minute… Am I starting to maybe have some empathy for people who subscribe to creationism, or don’t “believe in” global warming???  Mmm, no.)

So about brunch… It was nothing short of amazing and totally worth interfering with the baby’s timetable. I’m taking about eggs benedict with squash, apples, and kale, coffee and donuts flavored pancakes with lemon infused whipped cream, breakfast pot pie, breakfast tacos… If you live on the Front Range and have not been to Snooze, GO! Beside the food the best part was that at the very moment we were being led in from the sidewalk to our four top plus high chair, a flash mob erupted, in the form of a tap-dancing extravaganza! Here is a link to video of the shenanigans.

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