Mission Accountable Day 43: Made it to California

Today was a planned rest day. I like to take a day off two days out from a race and then do a super easy, short workout the day before. Today was a good day to have the day off because we flew to Santa Barbara for a long weekend, as the race is Saturday. It’s also a good day to do a super short blog post because I am using Dan’s laptop and the “k” key is hard to use. Might also be a good day to write a post using as few words with the letter “k” as possible.

“K” issues notwithstanding, today I learned that flying with an eight (almost nine) month old is a lot different than flying with a six month old! The only thing Sweet Pea loves more than snuggling is people-watching, and our plane offered her a cornucopia of new faces. I kept hoping she would notice that many of their eyes were closed and start to feel yawny herself, but it was waaay too exciting for that. Not only were there faces galore, but most of them were friendly, and a few even wanted to play peek-a-boo. She was in heaven.

I, on the other hand, was not. My body was being used as a seat, a food source, and a ladder for two long hours on an airplane seat, while Dan sat next to me trying to work on his laptop while Sweet Pea intermittently pulled his hair, poked his glasses, and tapped the keys. I’m sure a glass of wine (for me, not her) would have improved the situation, but there would have been the issue of where to put it and I’d already spilled most of an avocado and a cup of ice water all over myself and my seat, due to a combination of poor planning and a wiggly baby.

My race is in two days. I’m nervous that I will be slow because I’ve been sleep deprived since we had a baby all week. Dan says I need to relax and be glad that I even trained for a half marathon since having a baby. I know he’s right but I also want so badly to run fast. 

2 thoughts on “Mission Accountable Day 43: Made it to California

  1. ThirdCultureMama says:

    Happy race! You’ve clearly worked hard for this! I can so picture Sweet Pea climbing all over. I get my eight month climber on a couple flights tomorrow too. Thankfully, he isn’t crawling yet – gulp!

  2. Katie says:

    Good luck! It is sooo hard racing that first year with baby! But it will probably be fine. The year we ran the marathon together Emily had just turned 8 months old. I felt awful, but ran fine. And just wait until next year when you’re not sleep deprived! You’ll be super fast! I like to say that Em is my coach. She’s unorthodox in her training techniques (sleep deprivation), but she’s made me tough. 😉 Gave a great race!

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