Announcing The HerStories Project: Available Today

I have a confession. I have more than one best friend. Which might lead you to believe I do not understand the definition of the word “best.”

It’s just that there’s my best friend from growing up, my best friend from college, and there’s my best friend I met when I was in my 20’s. I love them because we have so much fun together but also because they knew me way back when, they know my family, and there’s just a lot of stuff I don’t have to explain to them. And of course there’s my sister, who is the same thing as a best friend if the best friend lived in the same house as you growing up, had the same parents, wore all your hand-me-downs, suffered the crazy bullshit you would only ever unleash on a sibling (or a spouse, perhaps), and loved you anyway.

There’s something unique about girlfriends. I went to visit one of my besties for a weekend recently and I don’t think we stopped talking except when we were sleeping and when we were underwater swimming laps. Of course there’s probably no man in the world that would want to talk that much or listen to anyone else talk that much, but I’m not sure it’s just the talking that makes girlfriends special. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes a girlfriend different than anyone else, and the best thing I can come up with is, close girlfriends make you feel understood.

I am honored to have an essay I wrote about a girlfriend included in an anthology about the power of female friendships called The HerStories Project. My essay is about my pen pal. Seriously, I have a pen pal. I actually wrote her a letter last month. Pen pals made more sense when we met in 1995… we use our free cel phone minutes now, most of the time. But seriously- we have shoe boxes crammed with each other’s letters. It’s pretty cool. I think mine is the only essay about a pen pal. The HerStories Project includes essays on all types of female friendships from 50 different women writers.

In the words of the books co-editor, Stephanie Sprenger:

In this book, 50 women writers paint real pictures of friendship; in addition to paying homage to the beauty and power of their relationships, they share the gritty details of bitter friendship breakups and uncomfortable life transitions. This anthology will enable readers to find their own stories in the words of others, cause them to reflect on their own unique friendship history, and perhaps even inspire them to rekindle connections with women who have shaped them. The authors of this book share their stories of friendship loss, enduring bonds from childhood, navigating the transition to motherhood, and renegotiating the role of friendship in their adult lives. The diverse essays in this collection will evoke tears, laughter, and a deep recognition and appreciation for the friends with whom women everywhere share their lives.

The HerStories Project is the perfect book to buy your best girlfriend who has everything this holiday season. And if you have to buy more than one copy, it’s no problem. No one should have to choose only one best friend. That just wouldn’t be right.

You can buy the book here and use the promotional code HK5T27Y3 to save $2 when you check out.

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8 thoughts on “Announcing The HerStories Project: Available Today

  1. Nina says:

    Oh! I could relate to this for sure . . . I call many people “one of my best friends.”

    So glad to be able to get to know my fellow contributors today. Exciting and crazy day!

  2. Carisa Miller says:

    I used to be so good about writing actual letters to friends. Your essay made me want to take it up again. That and to take a cruise. Or maybe not. I’m not sure I’m a cruise person. Like you, I went once with my family in high school. Am I still typing?!? Congratulations!

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