Real Fit Podcast: Ep 45| Lori King, award-winning marathon swimmer on eating disorder recovery, Guillain-Barre, and performance anxiety: “Turn your worry into wonder”

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Lori King is a working mom of two who recovered from both an eating disorder and Guillain-Barre syndrome and manages to conquer some of the world’s most intimidating ocean swims. The award-winning marathon swimmer’s many accomplishments include the Catalina channel swim (20 mi), the Manhattan Island swim (28.5 mi, the 8 Bridges Hudson River Staged Swim (7 days, 8 bridges, 120 miles), Capri-Napoli, Ibiza Marathon swim, and Kalamata, Greece. In 2016, the Long Island mother of two became the first woman (and second person) to successfully swim the 36.5 miles around the island of Bermuda in just over 21 hours.

This past June, Lori swam the Ka’iwi channel (the Channel of Bones), one of the hardest channels in the world to complete due to its rough conditions and active sea life. And in August 2022 she swam from Block Island, RI  to Montauk, NY, a challenge that’s been called the “local Everest of swimming.”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Growing up as a swimmer and the performance anxiety that cropped up during adolescence
  • The comment from a doctor that served as a catalyst for Lori’s eating disorder
  • How she got into eating disorder recovery
  • Her Guillain-Barre diagnosis and how her body has changed since the diagnosis
  • Why she does open water marathon swims and how her crew motivates her
  • How she trains for a marathon swim
  • Cold water acclimation
  • Her recent swim from Block Island, RI to Montauk, NY
  • Why she worries more about jellyfish than shark during ocean swims

Eight Bridges Hudson River Stage Swim
New York Times story on Lori King’s swim from Block Island to Montauk
Why We Swim by Bonnie Tsui
PRP injections (efficacy study)
Bonnie Schwartz, swim coach
Lori’s Swimpedia page
Guillain-Barre Syndrome

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