Day 5: Rest

God waited until the seventh day to rest, but I’m just a regular woman so I took a rest day on the fifth day. Last night Dan and I went on our first date since Sweet Pea was born.  My in-laws kindly babysat while we went out to dinner.  I fell asleep in the car on the way home. So did Sweet Pea.  We were able to get her out of her car seat and into her crib without a peep but unfortunately I had to wake up in order to get out of the car and into bed. That was about all I had energy for.

This morning I got up and pumped three ounces (yeah!) before Sweet Pea nursed. She slept in her swing for a good hour or so while I frantically cleaned the house in preparation for my sister and brother in law’s visit. I didn’t do everything I wanted to do, cleaning-wise, but at least the house was tidy before I left to pick them up at the airport.

My sister says she wants to work out with me during her visit, as she informed me we are going to be JATH the whole time she’s in town. I’m not sure what is more remarkable; that she used JATH in a sentence like it was no big whoop, or that I totally got that she meant joined at the hip.

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